Sometimes we want someone can accompany us while we running, especially when a man is running. A women running date can share the thought of running with you can have a rest together, however, as a man, do you know what thought the girls may consider before saying yes to run with you? Don’t worry, please check it out at the following article.

running date
1. Which sneakers should I wear? My new ones are all shiny and nice but my old ones make it look like I’m a dedicated runner.

2. Where are those shorts I have that don’t ride up?

3. Or should I wear shorts that DO ride up?

4. Should I bring my iPod? I’m assuming I won’t need it but what if he decides to wear headphones the whole time?

5. Is there any way I can put makeup on but make it look like I’m not actually wearing makeup?

6. I hope I can keep up with him.

7. He said he didn’t mind going at an easy pace…but I don’t want to ruin his workout!

8. I should have trained for this!!!

9. I should have had pasta last night. Or bread.

10. When was the last time I even had carbs?!

11. Should I match my sports bra to my shoes? Now I’m just being ridiculous.

12. I hope one of my friends drives by us and honks so that he knows I have friends.

13. I hope I don’t sweat a lot. I’ll just wear a tank top. I mean, it’s November, but I really don’t want to sweat too much.

14. What if I sweat more than he does?

running date
15. Better put some deodorant in between my boobs.

16. I need to hydrate but I really don’t want him to hear the water sloshing around in my stomach.

17. What if I trip and fall? I have tripped and fallen on so many runs before…

18. What are we even going to talk about?

19. What if he asks what my high school PRs were? My high school PRs were really not that impressive.

20. Wait, am I supposed to look at him when we talk? I’m not good at looking at people while I run.

21. What if I run into a tree and THEN fall?

22. What if he’s actually slower than me and then I have to awkwardly hang back?

23. I need to call him and cancel right now.

running date

24. No, I need to calm down. This is going to be fun. This is just like any other normal run.

25. Ugh. Why does my stomach feel like it did right before my first marathon?