The Best New Track Spikes for 2018

Trevor Raab

Whether your event is the 100 meters, the mile, or the 5,000 meters, you’ll want a pair of track spikes to speed you to your best time. This year’s spikes are lighter, more comfortable and more versatile than ever. They also have innovative new uppers, where woven materials are reducing weight and improving hold, and lacing systems are creating custom fits. Here’s a rundown of what’s new for the oval to help you choose the best pair for your spring speedwork and races, with wear-test insights from Chase County, Nebraska, high school athletes who ran circles in them during early-season workouts and races.

Nike Zoom Rival D 10

An entry-level distance spike with a thin midsole and flexible forefoot plate
Price: $65 Buy Men’s & Women’s Read Full Review

Trevor Raab

Weight: 5.8 oz (Unisex)

Nike’s entry-level distance spike delivers a great value and a plush ride for a fast shoe. Well cushioned, supportive, and flexible, with only a low-profile forefoot plate, the Zoom Rival D feels and runs more like a road-racing flat than a traditional track spike. This is an exceptional choice for beginners, masters, and any runner who doesn’t stay on his or her toes the entire distance and wants a bit more underfoot for longer races. We find it works well from 800 meters to 10,000 meters.

New Balance LD5000 v5

An elite-caliber shoe with a stiff plate for powerful strides
Price: $120 Buy Men’s Buy Women’s Read Full Review

Trevor Raab

Weight: 4.6 oz (M) 4.25 oz (W)

New Balance took cues from its stable of elite runners, like world champion steeplechaser Emma Coburn, when it redesigned its top-of-the-line distance spike. Built on a new last, the shape is more curved and the forefoot more snug. The full-length spike plate is also thicker, with more-aggressive teeth from heel to toe, gripping and propelling at every contact point. This is an elite-level spike for runners with strong feet who want to grab the track and go in races up to the 10,000 meters.

Brooks Wire v5

A formfitting shoe for races up to 10,000 meters
Price: $120 Buy Men’s & Women’s Read Full Review

Trevor Raab

Weight: 3.4 oz (Unisex)

Completely redesigned, The Brooks Wire v5 is lighter and more aggressive than previous versions, yet still provides a comfortable, versatile—and speedy—ride for distance events up to 10,000 meters. The Wire hits the sweet spot of flexibility and cushioning, with a propulsive pop. The light and flexible upper fabric is snug in the heel and arch, while the semi-curved shape accommodates a variety of foot shapes and strides. The Wire V5 will speed along all runners seeking a near-invisible shoe to make you feel fast.

Saucony Endorphin 2

The lightest spike, with a sturdy woven upper and four pins in the forefoot
Price: $120 Buy Men’s Buy Women’s Read Full Review

Trevor Raab

Weight: 3.2 oz (M) 2.9 oz (W)

Saucony’s Endorphin distance spike has held the record as the lightest track spike on the market for half a decade, and its updated v2, while slightly heavier, maintains that status. It weighs just over 3 ounces and has a surprisingly thick midsole. You’ll find an increased layer of cushioning underfoot as well as a new, beefed-up, supportive, full-length spike plate. Also new, the featherweight woven upper doesn’t lack in hold, durability, or comfort. They are ideal for powerful runners who want to feel the track and fly with as little as possible on their feet.

New Balance Vazee Verge

A thick, full-length plate and eight pins in each shoe generate power for 400- and 800-meter races
Price: $110 Buy Men’s Buy Women’s Read Full Review

Trevor Raab

Weight: 5.7 oz (M) 4.9 oz (W)

The all-new Vazee Verge is designed for the long sprints—200 and 400 meters. The thick, full-length plate underfoot is undoubtedly a sprint configuration, but flexes easier than other sprint spikes, producing a smooth, adaptable ride. The fit is also comfortable and forgiving, conforming to a variety of foot shapes. That versatility makes these a good choice for athletes competing in a variety of sprint events from the 100 meters to the 400 meters, perhaps even up to 800 meters for some.

Puma EVOSpeed NetFit Sprint

A net-like upper offers infinite lacing possibilities
Price: $125 Buy Men’s & Women’s Read Full Review

Trevor Raab

Weight: 7.5 oz (M) 6.6 oz (W)

Puma’s new EVOSpeed NetFit is not for the bashful—you’ll get plenty of attention in these flashy, quirky-looking spikes designed for short sprints and hurdles. That’s thanks to a “net” of cables that lets you loop the laces into the upper anywhere on the foot, allowing for near-infinite customization of the fit. But these shoes aren’t just about flash: You’ll also go fast. This is the brand that sponsors the Jamaican Olympians, after all, and these spikes integrate their latest technology and innovative designs to transfer power to the track.