Runner Equipment

Trevor Raab Whether your event is the 100 meters, the mile, or the 5,000 meters, you’ll want a pair of track spikes to speed you to your best time. This year’s spikes are lighter, more comfortable and more versatile than ever. They also have innovative new uppers, where woven materials […]

The Best New Track Spikes for 2018

No longer are socks just plain old cotton tubes for your feet. Nowadays they’re an important piece of apparel that can improve both performance and recovery. In this case, they look cool too! Of course you can just go the inexpensive option and keep it simple, but when you’re putting […]

Compressport V2.1 Full Socks

Trail shoes come in various forms and each brand has their unique selling points to cut through the clutter. Some are points of difference that are beneficial, while others are just gimmicks. For example, look at the stupid barefoot/minimalist running fad that sucked so many people in! Well, Newton has […]

Newton Boco AT – One Word: Gimmick!

This is the lightweight and minimalist option for long training runs or races where there’s a no cup policy and you need a hydration solution. The handheld water bottle system using traditional plastic bottles is not suited to everyone, two downsides being the slosh factor and that your hand can […]

Salomon Sense S-LAB Hydro Set