Running Watches

Suunto has taken a big step in releasing the Spartan series of watches, which come two versions: The Suunto Spartan Ultra and Spartan Sport. Well, they both include a number of new features that are pretty legitimate when it comes to wearable GPS watches. •    Colour touch screen •    80 […]

Best running watch for ladies: Suunto Spartan Ultra

Apple Watch Nike
Watches and smartwatches main job. The time to tell is obvious, in the case of smartwatch, providing information, tracking training, is an ever-present digital assistant. But the watch has always been, always, you can wear a statement of your personality. The Apple Watch Nike+ design broadcasts aspects of my personality: […]

running with the Apple Watch Nike+

 Specifically, he sought some runners who would pace him for the last 50 miles of the infamous Grindstone 100-miler.  I found myself offering my candidacy without giving it any real meaningful thought.  I had never used a pacer before, I had never paced another athlete before, and I had never […]

Sharing The Importance of Pacing