After a disappointing day in the office at the ASICS Beat The Sun race last week, I trudged back into my hotel room to find a fresh-looking cardboard box had been placed on the bed in my absence. “What is this new madness?” I thought to myself, and opened it […]

Review: ASICS DynaFlyte

Whether you’re after a lightweight headlamp for early morning starts and urban night runs, or in need of a small second light as part of your mandatory gear, the Black Diamond Iota Headlamp is a nice bit of kit. It’s simple to use, weighs in at only 56g and packs […]

Black Diamond Iota Headlamp – Packs a Punch!

As an Ultra runner who competes a lot I have become accustom to “backing up” between big events in a short period of time. Once upon a time I would have 3 weeks off after a marathon, these days 24hrs is enough before I commence training again. There are no […]

Caine Warburton: How to Back Up

Nutrition for endurance running is a very complicated and individual affair. Everyone reacts differently to the food they intake and has their own approach. This is particularly the case with gels. Each brand has a different formula that for some works a treat while for others can do the opposite. […]

Endura Gels – Fuel on the Go!

Marathons have long been associated with major cities. The marathon exists because of the Greek messenger Pheidippides running a message to Athens. The distance of 42.195km was later defined by the 1908 London Olympics (the distance form Windsor Castle to White City). Today, every major marathon is connected to an […]

Ben Moreau – Being an Urban Runner

The sport of VK running is relatively unheard of in Australia. It’s a Euro thing that is quickly gaining traction as trail and Skyrunning grows around the world. The International Skyrunning Federation defines it as follows: “Races with 1,000m vertical climb over variable terrain with a substantial incline, not exceeding […]

Training for a Vertical Kilometer

This one time, at training camp… Training camps are essentially running holidays. They’re an excuse to leave our busy lives behind and spend a solid block of time in a beautiful place just running, relaxing, eating and running some more. But for most of us, it’s hard to find the […]

5 Reasons Why Training Camps Work

A WBS is a tool which can help guide an athlete towards achieving their goals. Developing a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) is a process commonly used at the beginning of a project. It can help make sense of a BIG, seemingly unachievable finished product or outcome goal. It identifies the […]

Ultra Trail Running is a Whole Bunch of WBS

As trail and ultra running becomes increasingly popular, the gear associated with doing them keeps evolving. Where once people headed into the wilds with a water bottle in hand and a jacket tied around their waist, today we have loads of options, and gadgets, to make life easier. One big […]

Camelbak Ultra LR Vest

When Nike first released trail running shoes I was a little sceptical. They had such a good history of making road shoes, spikes and apparel, but this was a whole new world for them. So with much excitement I opened the box to reveal what looked like a typically stylish […]

Nike Zoom Terra Kiger

Many of us find it a challenge to maintain the training regime when on holidays. Jet lag, new locations, site seeing, alcohol consumption and generally just having new and exciting distractions can play havoc on your motivation. It’s often a case of going away with the best intentions of keeping […]

Tips for Training When on Holidays

Writing a shoe review is always hard. It’s tough to get through all the tech talk and tap out something that’s simple and understandable for the average Joe. In all honesty, a lot of the facts, figures and trademarked technology that goes into making a shoe can be a little […]

The North Face Ultra Trail II