Ultra-Trail Australia 100 – Race Day Planner


It’s approaching that time where more physical training for UTA100 will come with diminishing returns.
When that critical point comes you should put your energy into purposeful rest and race day planning! These two essential steps in your UTA100 preparation involve sitting down and fighting the urge to run.
Tapering and planning correctly will give you the biggest bang for your buck in any race day preparation when it comes to time spent vs reward gained.
Below we have got the ball rolling for you with a UTA100 specific Race Day Planner. Use your time wisely leading up to race day, do not spend time panicking, spent time planning!
Working through this document and including data and notes relevant to you will solidify your understanding of the event, how to ace it and what you need for the success. It is also a great reference document for your Drop Bag and your Crew.

Copy our Race Planner from the below links. The information has been sourced from the official Ultra-Trail Australia website – www.ultratrailaustralia.com.au
This is a Race Planner specific to Ultra-Trail Australia 100km. You can adapt it for any event.
RACE PLANNER – UTA100 2017 – PDF File
RACE PLANNER – UTA100 2017 – Numbers File (Mac)
RACE PLANNER – UTA100 2017 – Excel (PC)
Keep Healthy, Injury Free and Plan Like You Want It.
Tally Ho!!

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