Salomon Sense S-LAB Hydro Set

salomon_sense_hydro_s_lab_gloveThis is the lightweight and minimalist option for long training runs or races where there’s a no cup policy and you need a hydration solution. The handheld water bottle system using traditional plastic bottles is not suited to everyone, two downsides being the slosh factor and that your hand can get uncomfortable. But with the Hydro Set you have a very comfortable fitting glove that holds a soft flask from 150ml to 500ml. However we found that anything over 250ml is a little big.
The flasks fit very snuggly, secured by elastic straps and a band at the top. Then as the volume decreases the elastic compresses, ensuring it’s always safe. The soft flasks don’t slosh around which is much more pleasant when you’re carrying the things for several hours! What’s also great is that if you have several soft flasks as spares, you can quickly get in and out of checkpoints where a support crew is helping you.
The downsides to the Hydro Set are that the fit tends to be tight around the hand but loose on the wrist. Also, the sizes are very small, so make sure you try them on before purchasing.
SalomonHydroSlabSetIn all these are fantastic for those runs or races where you want a little bit of fluid but not so much you need a backpack and bladder.
Sold by pair, with 1 x 250ml flask.
Cost: $59
Available at:

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