When you are running, you will feel your whole body are running.If you don’t have the good quality of running clothes and shoes, you may feel uncomfortable.

It sounds strange, but the perfect pair of running shorts should be practically un-noticeable as you wear them on the run, meaning they should have plenty of coverage, pockets, and most importantly, not chafe. We’ve all been there, nothing is worse than being on a run far from home in a piece of clothing that’s rubbing your skin raw!

Over the last year, our staff has been wear testing shorts from short 20 minute jogs, up to a 35 mile race in Cape Town. Below are our top picks for the top 5 best men’s running shorts, in no particular order.

North Face Better Than Naked Long Haul Short

sport short
Earlier in April, fellow runner Jason was fortunate enough to travel to Cape Town, South Africa, to run in the prestigious Two Oceans marathon, a 35-mile race along the coastal regions of the city. After much experimentation with different short options on runs of up to 4.5 hours in length, Jason chose to race in these shorts. Here’s why- “I wanted something that had a decent inner liner that wouldn’t chafe no matter how far I ran, with plenty of storage options that didn’t bounce or feel bulky. I tried just about everything and settled on these shorts, mainly because they are extremely comfortable and dry quickly. I was able to store 5 gels amongst the 3 pockets comfortably, allowing me to run without holding anything in my hands.”

These shorts are 7 inches in length and feature a compression liner that extends mid thigh, meaning this liner wont ride up or move, making the Long Haul shorts an extremely comfortable, chafe free option.

Best For- Anyone and everyone, from runners looking to get in a few easy miles on the treadmill at the gym to athletes training and competing in longer distances where comfort and performance are king.

Smartwool PHD 2-in-1 Short

Smartwool PHD 2-in-1 Short
Made with an exterior shell that dries quickly and fits comfortably, Smartwool’s PHD 2-in-1 shorts combine technical fabrics and merino wool. One of the many benefits of wool fibers is odor mitigation- you can literally run in these shorts all week with no noticeable “funk” after they dry, making these ideal for business trips or traveling. Simply let them air dry and the next morning they’ll just as fresh as they did before your first run. The durable and stretchy brief liner fits very comfortably, and a single zippered back pocket lets you store a key or credit card easily. 5 Inch length still provides above the knee coverage without being overly short. These shorts have a compression liner as a second layer to help prevent chafing.

Best For- Anyone traveling with limited baggage space that doesn’t want to worry about sweat and odor.

Nike Tech Half Tight

Nike Tech Half Tight
If you’ve seen a track meet on TV recently, chances are you’ve noticed more and more athletes competing in half tights. Half tights are fantastic for faster paced runs on hot or cool weather days as they breathe extremely well, with no chafing. Athletes competing in everything from sprints to jumps are starting to gravitate to these for comfort reasons; plus a form fit ensures no wind resistance- because when you’re chasing world records and titles, fractions of seconds add up. Whether or not you wear these on faster paced runs or not, you’ll appreciate a comfortable, form fit, with no chafing or irritation. The Nike Tech Half Tights have an easily accessible zippered back pocket that stores keys and credit cards on the run.

Best For- Athletes competing on race day, or anyone looking for a tighter, form fitting half tight for cool weather days.

Nike 7 Inch Phenom 2-in-1 Short

Nike 7 Inch Phenom 2-in-1 Short

No list of best running shorts would be complete without mentioning Nike’s Phenom 2-in-1 Shorts. Year in and out, this is our number one selling men’s short for good reason- versatility and comfort. 7 inch length provides knee length coverage, so you can easily wear these on a group run or to the gym and run an errand afterward without having to worry about the length of your shorts. The liner is a compression liner that extends down just above the knee that won’t shift up or chafe, meaning its tough to find a more comfortable pair of shorts that works for just about anything you can think of.

Best For- Runners and gym-goer’s alike thanks to a chafe free liner and full length coverage.

Saucony Run Lux III Short

Saucony Run Lux III Short

The Saucony Run Lux Short has a built in brief liner to help prevent chafing and allow for breathability. These shorts are lightweight and made with quick drying fabric to keep you fresh through your entire run. Constructed with sew-free side seams and laser perforations add extra ventilation and chafe-free comfort. The Run Lux Short has high visibility and reflective patterns to allow for more safety during lowlight hours of the day.

Best For- Runners going for long or short distances that want to be visible to cars during morning or evening runs.

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