Why Apple has great benefits for runners

What are they?

Non-original fruit called apple trees, apples have been cultured for thousands of years. And more than 7,500 varieties, there are many options: brave pink lady from brittle cox.

More than 63 million tons of apple production in the world, China accounted for 40% of the total.


What do I do with them?

Bite, bake, mix, boil, stew, slice, dice, fry or ferment; humble apples are versatile. Scientists at the Food Research Institute, however, show that Apple is the best fruit with another super food: green tea. Natural antioxidants are thought to fuse and block growth molecules called endothelial growth factors that can lead to arteriosclerosis, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease or stroke.


Why are they good for my health?

There are several good reasons for “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. For example, apple-rich plant nutrients are thought to lower the risk of many cancers.

High-fiber content – a medium-sized apple containing about 4 grams is also thought to slow Alzheimers-related aging effects on the brain, and red apples, specifically, contain an antioxidant enhancing quercetin.

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