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  It’s approaching that time where more physical training for UTA100 will come with diminishing returns. When that critical point comes you should put your energy into purposeful rest and race day planning! These two essential steps in your UTA100 preparation involve sitting down and fighting the urge to run. Tapering […]

Ultra-Trail Australia 100 – Race Day Planner

My name is Sam McCutcheon and I completed my first ultra 15 months ago running the 2015 Kepler Challenge in Te Anau, New Zealand. A few weeks later I ran my first Skyrunning event, the Ultra-Easy, in Wanaka, New Zealand and I was hooked. Since then I have been lucky […]

So you want to be a Skyrunner?

Being a largely urban population in a country that’s relatively flat, most of us don’t have access to mountains. And unfortunately many of the iconic and appealing trail and ultra races in Australia and abroad have significant vertical gain in them. It’s easy for a runner to think that they’re […]

Hill Training for Flat Landers!

Race day is stressful for a runner. But for many a support crew out there it’s even more traumatic! Knowing where to go, being there on time, having everything organised and helping your runner get through the challenge is a logistical and emotional rollercoaster. So to help you survive the […]

Crewing for Beginners

Kicking off as a side-event of the International Mountain Summit, the IMS Photo Contest has become the greatest contest of mountain photography worldwide. In its seventh edition, photographers compete for seven awards plus the title: Mountain Photo of the Year. With six different categories we expanded the possibilities to submit […]

International Mountain Summit Photo Comp

No longer are socks just plain old cotton tubes for your feet. Nowadays they’re an important piece of apparel that can improve both performance and recovery. In this case, they look cool too! Of course you can just go the inexpensive option and keep it simple, but when you’re putting […]

Compressport V2.1 Full Socks