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Raw Natural Energy to Burn. Energy bars are great for ultra marathons, using for pre/post/during gym sessions or simply as a snack to maintain fuel levels during the day. In my opinion taste is just as important as what’s inside, and these bars are yummy! Endura Performance Bars combine high […]

Endura Performance Bars

After a disappointing day in the office at the ASICS Beat The Sun race last week, I trudged back into my hotel room to find a fresh-looking cardboard box had been placed on the bed in my absence. “What is this new madness?” I thought to myself, and opened it […]

Review: ASICS DynaFlyte

Nutrition for endurance running is a very complicated and individual affair. Everyone reacts differently to the food they intake and has their own approach. This is particularly the case with gels. Each brand has a different formula that for some works a treat while for others can do the opposite. […]

Endura Gels – Fuel on the Go!

As trail and ultra running becomes increasingly popular, the gear associated with doing them keeps evolving. Where once people headed into the wilds with a water bottle in hand and a jacket tied around their waist, today we have loads of options, and gadgets, to make life easier. One big […]

Camelbak Ultra LR Vest

When Nike first released trail running shoes I was a little sceptical. They had such a good history of making road shoes, spikes and apparel, but this was a whole new world for them. So with much excitement I opened the box to reveal what looked like a typically stylish […]

Nike Zoom Terra Kiger

Writing a shoe review is always hard. It’s tough to get through all the tech talk and tap out something that’s simple and understandable for the average Joe. In all honesty, a lot of the facts, figures and trademarked technology that goes into making a shoe can be a little […]

The North Face Ultra Trail II

The team at Camelbak have put a lot of thought into the design of this pack. It’s apparent in the design, details and comfort of wearing it. According to their website it was designed to “Endure one of the toughest trail races on earth: the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.” […]

CamelBak Ultra 10

There are so many gels in the marketplace that it can become a bit of a blur knowing which ones to get. I won’t lie to you, they pretty much are all the same in terms of the amount of energy or ingredients. But it’s the subtle differences that can […]

V Fuel Gels

In an age where selfies and self-promotional videos are all the rage, the Osmo brings a professional edge to the quality of what you can produce. While it was originally designed for low-end productions where a steadycam isn’t a viable option, the Osmo finds a great home in the backpack […]

DJI Osmo Review

I have run in a range of shoe brands over the years. I have a “normal” & neutral foot so usually just bought shoes that reviewed well and were well priced.  A couple of particular shoes I seemed to use more than others were Asics Nimbus & Nike Pegasus. The […]

Review: La Sportiva Akasha

After months of bagging Hokas for no other reason than thinking they looked odd, someone told me to pull my head in and suggested I give them a go before mouthing off anymore. So that’s exactly what I did. I contacted the rep, told him I think his shoes look […]

Hoka Rapa Nui Tarmac