Running Tips

Here we get some great information and tips from Peter Feain, Exercise Physiologist and Podiatrist at Corrective Health. Injuries to distance runners are usually due to the accumulation of several different factors, so if you are struggling with chronic injuries it could be time to think outside the square. The […]

Why Am I Getting Injured?

Most distance runners will feature a weekly long run in the regime. They can be anywhere from 90 minutes for those training for shorter distances, right up to 6 hours or more for the ultra crew. Typically it’s the Sunday morning ritual where we rise at first light (Sometimes before!) […]

The Double Long Run

You’ve done all the training, paid your entry fee, booked accommodation and now it’s only a couple of days ahead of the big day. This is the period that can make or break your race-day performance. Get things wrong and all those early morning runs, rainy day slogs and putting […]

Pre-Race Preparation

You might think that there’s no point in being able to run a 3 minute kilometre when your pace for a mountain race or ultra is closer to 6 minute ks or slower, but the reality is, top end speed is a limiting factor to performance. Think of it this […]

Decreasing Intervals

When you’re looking at the details for any race it’s important to get acquainted with the course distance and elevation gain to assist with your training, but without freaking yourself out at the same time! It doesn’t take long to realise that the Hounslow Classic in the Grose Valley in […]

The Hounslow – Scott Hawker

How do you plan a successful schedule of races? Firstly you should sit down and identify what races you actually want to do, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it. Then proceed to identify what your personals goals will be for the chosen races. Planning ahead for […]

Planning for 2017 – A, B C Races

Approaching the topic of nutrition is like opening the floodgates because there is a lot of noise to decrypt. Having the opportunity to lay down a small insight into a hot topic for the benefit of other runners has us keen as mustard. I won’t be going on my usual rant […]

The Secret Parcel

In the last couple weeks before a race the nervous energy starts to rise and the taper begins. With all the hard work done in the months leading up to this moment it’s in the final days that you can really reap the rewards of the training, or on the […]

The Ultra Checklist

As trail runners we don’t want bigger muscles, we want SMARTER muscles. The aim is to teach our body to become more effective by using a progressive approach to strength training (ST). Here strength and conditioning expert and ultra runner Matt Deore explores what’s best for those getting into weights […]

Strength for Runners

Most runners prefer to stick to the flat and fast stuff when it comes to doing reps. Fair enough too, because generally it’s more specific to the racing we typically do and a major purpose of doing repeats is to develop speed. However it can also be hugely beneficial to […]

Stair Training for Beginners

Using poles in mountain races – views of a mid-pack runner. The Cooper family are certainly not new to Skyrunning, mountains or difficult terrain. Matt & Leeah Cooper (Bright Vic locals and Founders of Ultra Made training) have hiked, run and raced in mountains all over the world. Along the […]

Using Poles in Mountain Races